What Is The Little Pocket Inside My Pocket For?

What Is The Little Pocket Inside My Pocket For? The tiny pockets were included in the design of jeans with cowboys in mind to provide a space where they could keep their pocket watches. Although the pocket has been repurposed nowadays for other things like small personal belongings, they aren’t really useful now though with wallets and purses now in style.

Some of the purposes of the pocket in your pocket include


Personal Effects

If you aren’t carrying a wallet or a bag to keep your personal effects, you can keep small objects that can fit in the pockets like—


Although not many people bother with walking about with money now with everything being digital and all if you made a change at the fair because you need coins to go and rides and stuff.

A convenient place to keep your coins would be your tiny pockets, because it’s so tight it would make it difficult for the coins to jiggle much, the reduced noise is an added bonus.


If for some reason you take your jewellery off, things like your necklace or rings. To keep them for a while before you put them back on, if you put them in your bag they may get mixed up in the mess and become difficult to find.

You can use the tiny pockets to keep your jewellery for a while till you’re ready to wear them again, although the downside is that it is super easy to forget them in the pockets.


If you have keys you need to keep, especially single keys, you can put them in the pockets for safekeeping. That way it would remain in your pocket even if you end up running or forgetting about it. The tight and small nature of the pocket would work in your favour in this case.


For smokers, the pocket can act as a storage for matchboxes and lighters, you don’t need to carry a bag just because of your smoking habits. Not that it’s impossible to keep the matchbox in your regular pocket but because it’s so small it would keep moving around in your pockets and that could get very uncomfortable and borderline annoying.

Condom Holder

Yes, you heard me right. Personally, I think you shouldn’t be keeping your condoms in your wallets because you end up sitting on the wallet and the condom may rip, which will defeat the purpose of a condom, right?

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If for some reason you need a condom where you’re going, an ideal location would be your tiny pockets for storage if you’re not carrying a bag.

Flash drive

Flash drives are small which makes them easy to misplace, if you need to carry one just slide it into your tiny pockets for safekeeping.

If you put it in your regular pockets, it may slide out without your knowledge. Or you may end up sitting on it when it’s in your back pockets, which will damage your flash drive and you’ll lose your files.

Guitar Pick

Do you play the guitar? Well, even if you don’t it’s worth knowing that the tiny pockets with your pockets can be used as a storage space for guitar picks. Since they are small and can easily be misplaced, the tiny pocket makes it ideal to keep them.

iPod Mini

With the rise of smartphones, they aren’t really common anymore. However, if you are a music lover and you own an iPod mini, a place you can keep your device for safe keeping would be the tiny pocket. It would make it very convenient because your earpiece would not drag so much and it wouldn’t slide out and break.

Credit Card

The pockets can be used to store a credit card, you should not be carrying a credit card without a purse or a wallet but if you don’t own any of these. Then the tiny pocket can act as a make shift space to hold your card.


If you are a hoarder and you like to pick little pebbles or shells as you walk for commemorative or sentimental purposes. You can easily slide your trinkets into your tiny pockets, that way when you get home you can transfer them into a box or wherever you keep your other trinkets.

Pocket Watches

According to Levi Strauss, the main reason for the inclusion of the tiny pockets in jeans design was mainly for cowboys to have where to keep their pocket watches. Well, that was in the early 1900s when pocket watches were still a thing, the watches were connected with a chain and had a flip cover that you open to view the embedded clock.

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Purpose of Pocket

For Safety

Your tiny pocket within your pocket can be used to store your valuable items for safekeeping. If you are going to be engaging in activities and you’re worried about your gold or diamond ring. You can put it in your tiny pocket and it will remain safe.


If you store your pocket watch in tiny pockets it would make it less prone to scratches and it would keep it from breaking when you run into obstacles.

Also, if you live in an unsafe environment, you can keep your jewellery in tiny pockets. If you get jumped, they won’t think to check your tiny pockets for valuables, although this is a hypothetical situation though. If your area is unsafe you should move if you can.

Easy access

Instead of reaching into your bag for your coins or other personal effects. You can just keep them in your tiny pockets, that way they are always within reach when you need them.

If you store your iPod in the pocket it would make it super easy to switch between songs when you need to, own a pocket watch? Super easy to access and check the time when it’s within reach in your tiny jean pockets.


Not all of the tiny pockets are really useable, with some being super shallow and too tiny for anything significant to fit.

These types of tiny pockets were put there as a design choice to highlight the denim jean aesthetic, we can all agree that the pockets have become a vital part of the jeans aesthetic and it would look weird to see a pair of denim that don’t have those tiny pockets.


Why do jeans have rivets?

Rivets were included in jeans by Levi Strauss as a means to make the seams more sturdy and give the jeans longevity. It makes the jeans less prone to ripping and gives it a sleek silhouette. It would be odd seeing a pair of denim without the now-iconic rivets.

Why do jeans have little buttons?

By little buttons, I’m sure you may mean the rivets. As I explained in the point above, the “little buttons” serve a vital purpose for your jeans and should not be taken for granted. It doesn’t mean jeans without rivets aren’t sturdy however.

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Why does Levi’s have small pockets?

Not all Levi’s have small pockets, the ones with small pockets were a design choice. Although typically Jeans designed for Women are typically designed to have smaller pockets. If you want Levi’s with bigger pockets a pair you could purchase are the Levi’s Men’s 527 Slim Bootcut Fit Jeans.

What are the different types of pockets?

There are about 13 different types of pockets with every pocket having its own unique design and it is also used in different types of attires. For jeans, however, the most common are Side seam pockets which are pockets that are at the side of the jeans, they aren’t really visible from the front.

Faux Pockets are pockets that aren’t really pockets, they are false pockets made purely for design. Others are the Draped pockets, Slash pockets, patch pockets, zippered and slit pockets.

How do you put pockets in your jeans with fake pockets?

Depending on your skill level with a pair of scissors and a sewing machine, you could easily create a pocket in your pair of jeans.

If you want to figure it out yourself there are a few DIY videos you could watch on YouTube that will provide a step by step guide to creating new pockets.

If you don’t have a sewing machine and want to do it yourself, here is a great piece of machinery you should consider the Heavy Duty 4452 Sewing Machine.

What Is The Little Pocket Inside My Pocket For – Conclusion

In most cases, the tiny pockets on your jeans serve many purposes depending on what you need them for, especially when you need a safe space to store your tiny trinkets, coins, flash drive etc. for safe keeping.

Not every pair may serve a purpose, it would help to take note of the jeans with usable tiny pockets if you need to use the said pockets.

Always remember to check your pockets when you want to wash your jeans, it is super easy to forget items in the pockets because they are so small, if you end up washing something like a flash drive in your washing machine, it would inevitably damage your flash drive and you’d lose all your file if they aren’t backed up.

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