What is a French Fly on Pants?

Having a French Fly on your trousers is a great way to keep the front of your trouser from sagging. It also helps to give the front a nice flat surface, reducing the amount of pressure around your waistband.

The French Fly is usually found on high-end trousers. They are often attached as an extension of the waistband, or in the case of women’s pants, they are a flat hook and eye closure. A French Fly is also a good reason to buy a pair of trousers that are well-made, as it can make them more durable.

The fly is actually a flap that sits over the zipper. It may be a zipper with a hook and eye closure or it may be a flap that is sewn onto the garment’s front. It should be at least 6″ from the waist down the center front seam, but it is best to leave the opening slightly open for ease of stitching.

It is not hard to make a nice looking fly. The trick is in getting the right combination of fabrics and stitches.

What is the Purpose of a Fly on Pants?


Generally, a French fly is seen on men’s dress pants. It is a concealed closure that provides extra support to the top of the zipper. This type of closure is usually attached to the waist stay or inside belt. It helps to keep the trouser line flat, which in turn reduces the tension on the top of the zipper.

In the 19th century, all pants were fastened by buttons. Earlier breeches had a slit down the back and a gusset would sometimes cover it. These pants would often be tied through lacing.

In the 1920s, Lee was the first jeans maker to put zippers in their jeans. An anonymous Levi’s customer wrote to Levi’s in the 1950s about the problem with the flies, and the company was inspired to make zippers for flies.

The first version of the zipper was invented by Gideon Sundback. The design was based on two strips of fabric with loops. He called the invention Velcro.

Today, a zipper is used in many items of clothing, from handbags to furniture cushions. They are easy to use, and offer a smoother profile along the crotch. They also allow for a larger opening. They can be used in both men’s and women’s clothing. They are also used in stuffed toys.

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Why is a Pant Opening Called a Fly?

Basically, a French fly is a flap of fabric that folds over a zipper. It’s most commonly found on men’s dress pants. It also appears on women’s pants. In the past, the flap was simply called a fly.

The flap has the function of taking the strain off the top of the zipper. It also has the function of allowing the pants to sit flat. It’s often attached to the waist stay or internal belt.

The flap is attached with a button or a hook and eye closure. This type of fly can also be attached to the top of the pants or the waistband.

The flap is designed to keep the zipper from ripping. There is also a French fly on pants that is attached to the inside of the waistband.

A french fly is sometimes also referred to as a waist stay. It’s also known as a tab closure. The tab is made of a fabric with a buttonhole cut into it. This allows the tab to fasten off the center and tuck into the loop. It’s also a great way to make the pants more durable.

What is a French Style Fly?

Usually found on high-end dress pants, the French fly is a hidden extra closure. It’s attached to the waist stay and to the interior belt. The French fly relieves the tension on the top of the zipper.

The French fly is also called the waist stay or tab closure. It’s a tab that’s attached to the internal belt and then extended to the outside with buttons. It helps ensure that the front of the trouser lies flat.

Depending on how your fly is sewn, it can either be a button, a buttonhole, or a flat-hook closure. You can also make your own fly shield, which is an invisible flap that covers the zipper opening.

If you decide to face your fly, you’ll want to stitch the edges together at the same seam allowance that you used for the main fly placket. Then, you’ll need to iron the edges to align them with the fold line. Once you’ve ironed them, you can pin the edges in place. It can be a good idea to stitch them in place with a hand basting stitch.

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Why Do Womens Jeans Have a Fly?

Unlike men’s trousers, women’s jeans have a zipper. This is because a zipper is easier to use and also provides a sleeker profile along the crotch.

However, the zipper itself isn’t the only thing that can be used to close a jeans. There are also buttons and other forms of fastening available. Most jeans are fastened with rivets.

A French fly, also known as a “waist stay” is an extra piece of fabric that is sewn to the inside of the waist band, and is attached to the inside of the internal belt. It is often used on high-end dress pants. It helps keep the flap from sagging, and serves to relieve tension on the top of the zipper.

The most common type of fly found on women’s jeans is a zipper. A zipper on a women’s pair of jeans is shorter than a men’s, and may also have a shorter inseam. The zipper is also usually sewn in the opposite direction, for ease of use.

While a zipper is often the only way to close a pair of jeans, many denim purists swear by buttons. Using buttons on a pair of pants is the way to go for many, especially if you like your jeans to fade over time.

Why is a Mans Zipper Called a Fly?

Originally, a fly was the flap of fabric used to cover the opening of a zipper. This flap was used before zippers were invented. In fact, it was first used by tailors in the 19th century. The flap was long and tucked into the opening. It was a way to keep the entrance to a tent from being destroyed by flies.

The modern zipper is a piece of fabric, usually made of plastic, that has teeth in it that allow it to close. It is attached on one side and is usually held in place by a pull tab. The teeth are made of metal or plastic, and are used to hold the fabric together. It can be used in clothes and in furnishings.

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The word “fly” is also used to describe the opening in front of pants. This is especially common in American English. However, it is also used in British English. The word is sometimes used to describe a flag or banner that flies from a pole. The word is also used to describe a space over a stage in a theatre.

What is a Kissing Zipper?

Using a pair of kissing zipper sliders to lock up your bag may be a bit of a no brainer. These are small but mighty little pieces of engineering and can be placed anywhere along the zipper length. They aren’t cheap, but they do the trick. They are especially handy when traveling and lugging around bags of all sizes.

The most expensive version of the product reportedly costs around $27 per slider. The company claims that it is a worthwhile investment in terms of a bag’s lifespan and the convenience it provides. The sliders are rated for up to 50 years of use, making them a good investment for those with a long commute or for those who are in charge of their own baggage.

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