What Does Husky Mean in Pants?

Unlike slim sizes, husky sizes are designed to fit bigger boys. The term is often used for clothing items for boys who are tall and wide. In some cases, husky sizes can also fit boys with unusual waist-to-height ratios.

Husky sizes are available from most children’s clothing brands. They are available in-store through Gap, JCPenney, Old Navy and online. They are also available at most department stores.

Husky pants are designed for boys who are tall, wide or have a large waist. They are straight on the hips and taper down the thighs. Many of these pants are also called tapered jeans. You can ask a sales clerk to help you find the right size.

There are a few brands that carry a full line of plus size boys clothes. Some of these brands are Brooks Brothers, Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger, Crewcuts, The Children’s Place, Original Use, and The Kids’ Place. You can also shop online for plus size boys clothes. Some brands also have more generous waists and arm lengths.

What Does It Mean Husky Pants?


During the 1950s, Sears began selling boys’ clothing in husky sizes. The term, which is now used derogatorily, originally referred to brawny young boys. Currently, it refers to plus-size clothing for boys.

Many brands now offer a limited line of plus-size boy’s clothes. These include shirts, pants, and jackets. They can be found in stores like Old Navy, J. Crew, and Gap.

Many brands also offer slim sizes for boys. These are usually modeled after the brand’s average size. They are more generous in the waist and length, though the leg length will usually remain the same.

These jeans will be longer than their husky counterparts. They are usually 34 to 37 inches in length, and have a 31-inch waistline. They also taper down from the leg opening to the ankle. They can be found in department stores, like Wal-Mart, or online.

Usually, the only way to know which jeans are right for your son is to try them on. They may fit him well in one brand, but not in another. Also, it’s best to try on jackets and outerwear. This is important because the size of these items will vary from brand to brand.

What Size Waist is 12 Husky?

Several companies claim to offer plus size clothing for kids, but which ones are reputable and which aren’t? One of the easiest ways to determine whether a company carries plus size clothing is to visit their website. This isn’t to say that shopping for plus size clothing at a brick and mortar store is a bad idea, but there are times when it’s easier to shop from home. For instance, you can browse a larger selection of plus size clothing online than you can from a store if you’re pressed for time. Plus, you can save money and time by avoiding the hassle of a frenzied mall crowd. And, most department stores will let you browse their online inventory on your smartphone.

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Several of these e-commerce sites offer free shipping. As a bonus, you may even get a gift voucher if you’re willing to commit to a longer shopping experience. To make the best of this offer, be sure to research the brand before you make your first purchase. Plus, don’t be shy about asking.

Why is It Called Husky?

Historically, the word “husky” meant “brawny” but it has been twisted into a derogatory connotation. In the 1950s, Sears started selling boys’ clothing in “husky” sizes.

The “husky” name is mainly used for the pants, but it can also be used for shirts. Some brands use the term “husky” in a less derogatory manner, while others do not. In addition to the pants, some brands also offer jackets in the same name.

The “husky” name is also used for the shirt, which has a larger chest measurement than the average shirt. In addition, some brands offer longer sleeves and arms, and have larger waistbands.

Some brands have a full line of plus size boys clothing. Others have a smaller selection. For instance, Old Navy and JCPenney carry husky sizes, while Gap and J. Crew offer them in-store. Some brands offer a “husky” selection online.

Although there are some brands that have a full line of plus size boys clothing, most have a limited selection. This is mainly due to the sizing requirements of kids. Boys in the plus size range will usually require pants that are hemmed and will need to wear a shirt that is slightly larger than their average size.

What Does Husky Mean in Body Type?

Traditionally, the term “husky” is a reference to a plus-sized boy. The term has evolved from a derogatory meaning to a more politically correct one.

It is actually a contraction of the English pronunciation of Eskimo. It was first used by Inuit people in 1852. The term husky is still in use today.

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It is usually used to refer to plus-sized boys’ clothing. It can also be used to describe the plus-sized clothing for girls.

Husky sizes are often the perfect size for boys who are too big for their age. It is also ideal for boys who have a hard time fitting into pants. Some brands even make jackets, shirts, and pants in husky sizes.

Some of the clothing brands that specialize in husky sizes include Old Navy, Gap, J. Crew, and JCPenney. They have a variety of styles and sizes, and many are affordable.

You can order husky sizes in-store or online. Usually, they will be ordered in “husky”. You might also want to consider ordering a pair of hemmed pants.

Does Husky Mean Big?

Often, when you see husky on a clothing label, it means a boy’s size. However, many brands use the term to describe a range of sizes for boys. It is not uncommon for boys to have trouble fitting into traditional kid’s clothing sizes. Using specialty sizing can help you find the right pants and other clothes for your son.

Husky sizing is ideal for boys who are tall and not built like an average adult. It is also great for boys who need a larger size.

Husky sizing is available from most children’s clothing lines. You can find it online at Old Navy or JCPenney, or in stores such as Gap and Old Navy. Depending on the brand, a larger size may be a few inches longer on the hips and waistband. It is best to try on many items before purchasing.

The best thing to remember about husky size is that it is not a true plus size. Boys can often fit into regular shirts, but husky shirts have a larger chest and waist measurement.

Is a Husky a Medium Or Large?

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Is Husky a Brand of Jeans?

Whether or not you have a husky in the house, there are plenty of clothing options that will suit your little slob. Thankfully, you don’t have to shop at the mall to get your jeans on. Instead, you can check out your local department store’s website. While the department store’s website may not stock as many selections, it does offer a plethora of other brands and styles to choose from. In fact, you may actually find a better deal by shopping online.

Although there is no need to suck out your wallet on the latest and greatest, you can take a hint from the experts and pick up a few quality husky-approved items for less. For instance, Lands’ End’s husky size jeans may be a little on the pricey side, but the quality and fit more than make up for it. You can find the aforementioned in an array of colors, as well as sizes for boys and girls.

The Children’s Place is another good source for husky-approved clothing, and they offer a number of husky-friendly tees, shirts and jeans in a variety of colors and styles.

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