What Color Pants Goes with Burgundy Shirt?

Whether you’re looking for an outfit to wear to a formal event or you want to dress up your casual wardrobe, you might be wondering what color pants go with a burgundy shirt? Luckily, there are many great combinations that you can try out.

For example, you could wear a burgundy shirt with a pair of gray dress pants. This color combination is a great choice for an evening out or for a wedding.

On the other hand, you can also wear a burgundy shirt with blue jeans. You can also combine this color with a pair of white sneakers or beige athletic shoes. This combination is particularly fashionable in the summer. You might also want to try a pair of black leather derby shoes to add a classy touch to your look.

As far as colors go, burgundy is not a natural color for men. It is a relatively unassuming color, but it does look great on a man. You can wear it with many other colors as well, including black, brown, blue, and gray.

What Does a Burgundy Shirt Match With?


Whether you have a shirt dress or a pair of pants, burgundy color schemes create stunning outfits. Burgundy is often associated with the wine of the Burgundy region of France.

Burgundy is a deep reddish brown color with purple undertones. It was named after an ancient Germanic tribe called the Burgundians. It is a dark red-purplish color with a hue angle of 345 degrees. It is a deep shade that can be worn with many colors.

Burgundy goes well with gray, black, and white. Brown is also a good choice. Using neutral colors allows you to create a burgundy look without drawing too much attention to it. It is also a great choice for a fall outfit.

Maroon is also another color that is often paired with burgundy. Maroon is a deeper shade than burgundy. Maroon is also easier to mix with different tops. It is also more popular during the fall and winter months. Maroon can also be paired with brown and black.

Burgundy also pairs well with other colors such as golden yellow, light pink, and turquoise. It also looks good with shades of brown, gray, and earthy tones.

What Color Pants Does Burgundy Go With?

Whether you are shopping for a new pair of pants or just want to spice up your wardrobe, you may be wondering what color pants goes with Burgundy shirt. Burgundy is a deep, reddish brown color with a hint of purple. It is named after an ancient Germanic tribe of Burgundians.

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Burgundy is a great color to wear on its own or with other colors. It’s a rich color that looks great with minimal outfits. When mixed with other colors, it creates a stylish and sophisticated look. It’s also great to wear with neutral colors. These colors will help the burgundy to stand out without drawing attention away from the main color.

Burgundy looks great with black, brown, beige, and even beige and gray. It’s also a great color to wear with navy blue. It’s a bit darker than other blues, making it a more elegant color. It also looks good with light pink.

Burgundy pants also look great with other colors. For instance, a pair of burgundy leggings look great with a plaid scarf. Another great combination is a burgundy shirt dress paired with a pale pink open toe heel.

What Color Slacks Go with a Burgundy Shirt?

Using the right color pants and shoes can make any outfit look amazing. For example, burgundy is a perfect color to wear with brown shoes. This is especially helpful for summertime. Burgundy can be paired with other colors, too, making it a great clothing item to have in your wardrobe.

Burgundy can also be paired with light pink. This combination is also great for a summer wedding. Whether you are going to the beach or shopping, this color looks great with other colors. If you are looking for more formal outfits, you can pair a burgundy shirt with a dark blue or black blazer. This will make your look a lot more sophisticated.

If you are looking for a more casual look, you can wear burgundy pants with a t-shirt or polo. You can also pair it with other colors such as gray and blue. You can also add a little style to your outfit by wearing a black leather watch. Adding a belt to your burgundy shirt can also make you look more put together. You can also add a pair of olive sunglasses to complete the look.

Does a Burgundy Shirt Go with Navy Pants?

Whether you’re looking for a dressy look or a casual, casual look, you’re sure to find the right navy blue shirt for you. Navy blue is a cool, solid dark neutral that pairs well with a variety of other colors. It’s a great way to anchor your spring wardrobe and keep it looking fresh.

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The first thing you need to do to find the perfect navy blue shirt is to choose a color that complements the color of your pants. If you want a more casual look, go with a t-shirt or a simple tank top. However, if you want a more sophisticated look, go with a blazer.

Navy blue slacks are a versatile piece of clothing that can be worn in any season. Pair it with a variety of shirts, shoes, and other accessories. It’s also a great way to ground lighter spring colors. It’s also a great option for workwear.

For a more formal look, pair it with a navy blue suit jacket. The two colors complement each other and give you a polished look. This can also be a great option for interviews.

Does Burgundy Shirt Go with Blue Jeans?

Using a burgundy shirt with blue jeans is a great way to get a more casual, yet stylish look. There are a number of ways to wear this color combo. You can opt for a pair of blue jeans with a burgundy dress shirt, or you can try a burgundy dress shirt with a pair of blue jeans. Regardless of your preference, the pairing is sure to be a hit.

Burgundy is a deep reddish-brown color that is a bit more subtle than red. The color is named after the ancient Germanic tribe of Burgundians, a group of wine-producing aristocrats. The color has a hue angle of 345 degrees, which makes it a bit more sophisticated than its red counterpart.

The color is also associated with wealth and ambition. The color was used as the inspiration for the Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy movie. The color is also the name of an ancient wine that comes from the Burgundy region of France. The color is not for everyone, but it looks great with less than stellar outfits.

What Jeans Go with Burgundy Top?

Using a burgundy shirt to dress up light blue jeans is a simple way to create a casual, comfortable look. This color combination is easy to wear on a warm day or a chilly night.

Burgundy is a bold, rich color that can add sophistication to any outfit. It is also an easy color to mix and match with a variety of other colors. It is a great color for fall and winter. You can pair it with neutrals, bright colors, or retro styles.

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Burgundy is a great color to wear for special occasions. You can pair it with a dress or a shirt for an elegant look.

Burgundy is also great for winter. You can wear it with a warm color, such as orange or mustard. You can also wear it with a cool color, such as white or cream. You can also use a burgundy handbag to add some color to your outfit.

Burgundy can also be mixed with black. If you are wearing a dark burgundy shirt, you can use black pants, a black belt, and black shoes to add some contrast.

Can You Wear Grey with Burgundy?

Having a burgundy shirt is a great way to add a bit of color to your look. It’s not only easy to wear, it’s also versatile. You can pair it with various colors and patterns.

You can wear a burgundy shirt with grey pants. The color combination is great for both casual and formal looks. However, you need to think about the occasion when wearing this color combination. If it’s a business meeting with clients, you should go with a burgundy shirt and gray tie.

A burgundy shirt can be paired with grey pants for a laid-back yet sophisticated look. If you want to dress it up, you can pair it with brown leather derby shoes. You can also pair it with a black belt to add some dapperness to your outfit.

Grey and burgundy are the classic winter and fall colors. They pair well with neutral colors such as white, black, and gray. You can even add a splash of color by pairing a light grey shirt with a bright burgundy-toned t-shirt.

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