What Color Goes with Burgundy Pants?

When it comes to choosing a top to pair with burgundy pants, you have plenty of options. You can wear a navy or a dark blue sweater, or pair burgundy pants with a grey or white blouse. A cropped, animal-print top is also a good choice.

Burgundy pants go well with brown shoes. Brown shoes give off a traditional flair and a sleek, modern look. You can also opt for a pair of leather loafers to create a laid-back effect. Alternatively, you can try mixing burgundy with other neutral colors, such as white and black.

If you are not comfortable wearing brown heels with burgundy pants, brown Chelsea boots are the best choice. These boots will also go well with leather jackets. For casual occasions, you can also wear burgundy pants with chukkas or loafers. For dressier occasions, you can try brogues or derbies. A cool-toned burgundy pair is a good choice for a holiday ensemble.

What Do You Wear Burgundy Pants With?


Burgundy pants are a wonderful fashion statement, and you can wear them with a wide variety of styles. They go perfectly with a wide range of other colors and patterns. The name burgundy comes from the French region of the same name, and it was originally named after the red wine produced there. By the end of the Medieval period, Burgundy, France, became a hotbed of fashion, and the color burgundy symbolized nobility and wealth.

When wearing burgundy pants, you will want to wear shoes that are neutral in tone. A pair of brown Chelsea boots will work perfectly with this type of pants. You can also try loafers, chukkas, or sneakers. Converse shoes will also work well with this color. You can also pair burgundy pants with brogues or derbies, if you prefer a more refined look.

Burgundy pants can be worn to a nice restaurant or to work. If you are wearing them to work, you can wear a blazer or button-down shirt with them. You can also wear a grey-blue top with them, which will go great with a faded shade of burgundy. If you’d like to dress up your pants, you can wear a tweed blazer with brown or tan elbow patches.

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What Shirt Goes Well with Burgundy Pants?

When wearing burgundy pants, you’ll want to choose a top in neutral colors, like white. This will help your outfit complement the pants without being too overpowering. Light colors such as yellow, navy blue, and burnt orange will also compliment the pants. Keep in mind that dark colors will make them look more conservative.

Burgundy pants can be an easy and versatile addition to your wardrobe. They work with neutrals and a variety of colorful items, which makes them an easy staple for every wardrobe. If you are feeling adventurous, you can wear burgundy trousers with a sweater top. The sweater is a lighter shade of burgundy than the sweater itself, so you don’t need to worry about overpowering your look.

Another option is to wear a blazer with burgundy pants. A blazer can dress up your outfit, and can also be paired with a crop top.

What Colour Tops Go with Burgundy Jeans?

Burgundy is one of the most versatile colors, and it can be paired with a variety of colours. It can be dressed up or down depending on your mood, and pairs well with neutrals. If you are looking for a more playful look, you can wear burgundy with a light blue or yellow top. Denim will also look great with burgundy pants.

Burgundy jeans look great with light or dark blue tops. For a more casual look, lace-up sneakers can be worn. Chunky sneakers or Keds are also great choices. To complete the look, wear rolled hem jeans. If you’re going for a breezy summer look, you can pair burgundy jeans with a beige boat shoe.

While burgundy is an unusually versatile color, it will match many other colours in a way that isn’t overwhelming or tacky. For a casual, relaxed look, burgundy pairs well with neutrals such as white and navy. It can also work well with light pink or chambray blue.

What Color Dress Compliments Burgundy?

If you want to stand out at work, or spruce up a casual look, burgundy pants will do the trick. The color has an earthy, rich tone that looks fabulous with many different colors. It’s also a great choice when paired with a little bit of pattern, like a print.

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Burgundy is a rich, deep reddish brown, and is reminiscent of the wine from the Burgundy region of France. A great way to match burgundy with a more neutral color is to pair it with a berry shade of red. This color is often referred to as a fill-in color, as it works well with a variety of different styles and colors.

Burgundy pants can be dressed up by pairing them with a light blue or white blouse. Alternatively, burgundy pants look great with a black or navy blue sweater. The dark, rich color of burgundy pairs well with many other colors, so this color is a great alternative to black.

Does Navy Blue Go with Burgundy?

Burgundy pants pair well with a number of shades of blue. If you’re looking to create a classic outfit, navy blue will give your burgundy pants a sophisticated look. You can layer burgundy pants with a navy blue blazer and a navy blue sweater for a more conservative look. Burgundy pants can also be dressed up with an oversized cable knit sweater in earth tones.

Navy and burgundy are also very similar colors. The blue color has a soothing effect on people, and it looks great when paired with burgundy. However, they don’t always go together. Navy and burgundy can be a great combination, but you should be cautious when mixing the two colors.

If you’re trying to find a solid color pair for your navy slacks, flannel shirts are a good choice. Plaid shirts look particularly good with navy pants. You can also try a floral print. You’ll find plenty of florals available in nearly every color combination.

What Can You Mix with Burgundy?

You can pair burgundy pants with a white shirt and heels for a classic look. You can also dress up the look with a blazer. Blazers come in a variety of styles and colors to complement your burgundy pants. Try this classic combination to find the right look for you.

Burgundy goes well with a neutral color palette, including white, black, navy blue, beige, and gray. The most basic rule is to pair 2 neutrals with your burgundy bottoms. A patterned top will look cool with burgundy pants, too, especially if it’s in a subtle pattern.

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Burgundy pants can be a great choice for cold days. Because the color is neutral, it can easily mix and match with different colors. However, warm hues, such as green, will clash with burgundy. Cooler shades, like olive, can work with burgundy.

Can You Wear Grey And Burgundy Together?

Grey and burgundy go great together, and can be used to create many different looks. You can wear the two colors together to create a more sophisticated look, or pair them together for an understated, flirty look. These two colors work well together because they are both dark neutrals.

This versatile color pair looks stunning together, and is perfect for fall. The combination works well with neutrals, cool colors, and even bright patterns. It is a great way to add an elegant touch to your fall wardrobe. This autumnal color scheme will make you feel warm and cozy at the same time.

Burgundy is a deep reddish-brown color that is inspired by the wine from the Burgundy region in France. Its name is derived from the ancient Germanic tribe Burgundians. In addition, it was the inspiration for the iconic colour in the film Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy. The colour is a blend of red, purple, and green, but is more refined than true red. It symbolizes power, ambition, and wealth.

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