Is Say So a TikTok Dance?

‘Say So’ is a song by Doja Cat and Nicki Minaj. It is a hit and has received lots of attention. The video was released yesterday and includes a viral dance that started on TikTok.

TikTok is a social media app that is known for producing viral videos. The “Say So” dance is a simple step that consists of punching and rolling. It started in late 2019 and has been sweeping the TikTok app since then.

There have been several celebrities who have taken part in the “Say So” dance challenge. Mackenzie Ziegler, Sofia Wylie, Loren Gray, and James Charles have all gotten into the spirit of the movement.

The dance, which originated on TikTok, is based on the lyrics of the song. It was created by Haley Sharpe. She has more than 1.2 million followers on TikTok and has posted more than 500 videos. She has also posted a dance tutorial that demonstrates her steps.

The choreography is vital to the continued success of a TikTok dance. Earlier this year, a viral video created by choreographer Cortland Brown gained traction on TikTok. The dance was featured in the music video for Doja Cat’s song. It has been viewed over 76 million times.

What is the Dance Move the Dab?


Originally called the ‘dab’, the dance was made popular by rappers from the group Migos. Although it originated from Atlanta, Georgia, it has spread worldwide over the past few years.

The dab is a simple dance move that is easy to learn. It involves bending one arm towards the body, raising the other arm in a parallel direction, and fitting your head into the crook of the arm. You can then switch sides to perform the same dance move on the other side.

In addition to being a dance move, the dab also has a more subtle meaning. It’s a symbol of swagger, a term that’s now used to describe the sexy power of an individual. The dance is a fun way to joke around or show a little bit of something. It’s also a good move for school dancing.

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Dabbing first gained popularity in the NFL, and soon players began incorporating dabs into their victory dances. Some renowned football players such as Jay Z, Lebron James, and D’Angelo Russell were seen dabbing on the field.

What is Dabbing Dance?

Using a slang term, dabbing is the act of smoking butane hash oil, a popular weed in the United States. Dabbing consists of raising your arm in a diagonal fashion, while tilting your head at the same time.

The dab also entails dropping your head into the crook of your arm. The Dab is one of the most popular dances in the club scene, especially amongst young African American men. It’s all about the swagger.

The dab is also a great example of a dance move that has made its way into sports and news media. Professional athletes have begun to incorporate the dance into their post-game celebratory celebrations. Some professional athletes have even taken to dabbing in their music videos.

There are a few different versions of the dab. One popular version is the “macarena” dance. It’s similar to the “dabbin’ Santa” sweaters that were sold during the holiday season. Another popular version is the “hit the dab” tutorial video by YouTuber Malik The Martian.

Dabbing is also said to have originated from the hip-hop scene in Atlanta, Georgia. The dance got its biggest break in the hip-hop world when artists started to reference it in their songs.

Are TikTok Dances Real Dancing?

Those who have watched viral TikTok dance videos will have noticed some similarities. Some of them are a medley of popular dance moves. However, each of these moves is created by a different person. Some of the most popular TikTok dances have been created by artists. Some choreographers simply use hip-hop beats and grooves while others take a more high-energy approach.

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The majority of TikTok choreographers are hip-hop artists. However, ballet dancers have also created TikTok dances.

Most TikTok dances are created by teenagers. TikTok is an online video platform that hosts short clips between three and sixty seconds. Users can also share sounds or any other audible component of a video.

Dancers tend to be young and conventionally attractive. Some have received millions of dollars in earnings annually. However, TikTok has not caught on with older dance enthusiasts.

A professional dancer’s salary can range from $22,000 to $180,000. They are accustomed to performing on stage. In comparison, TikTok dancers have less training.

Most TikTok dances can be completed in a matter of fifteen to thirty seconds. This means that a choreographer can create a dance challenge and post it to TikTok quickly.

Why is TikTok Full of Dancing?

Taking a look at the history of TikTok dancing shows that the style has a long history. They have been around for years, but the dances are now becoming a hot commodity in the world of social media.

One of the most popular TikTok dances is the Renegade dance. Its origins go back to a music video. The dance, which was choreographed to Cardi B’s “WAP”, became a hit among TikTok users. Afterwards, other creators began making viral content.

Other popular dances include the Lizzo dance, which launched the singer’s career. She has performed the dance multiple times. It also launched a viral dance challenge. Hundreds of TikTok users have memorized the dance.

The “About Damn Time” dance challenge has sent the track to the top of the charts. This challenge has tapped into the nostalgia of “talent shows” from the past. It has also confronted issues in the social media dance world.

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In the early 2020s, the issue of unattributed dances came to light. TikTok does not have an easy mechanism for crediting dance creators. But it does have a built-in mechanism for minor editing.

What is the Most Popular Dance on TikTok?

Throughout the years, TikTok has become a popular platform for creating and sharing dancing videos. However, as with all trends, these dances can change. Luckily, you can still learn how to perform a popular TikTok dance. And it’s easy to do!

One of the most popular TikTok dances in history is the “Renegade” dance. This dance was created by Jalaiah Harmon. Her dance was initially popular on Dubshmash. Then, Jalaiah posted the dance on Instagram. This dance became a viral sensation, and other artists began creating music videos featuring the Renegade dance.

Another popular TikTok dance is the “fancy like” challenge. In this dance, thousands of users took the challenge to create a dance. The “fancy like” dance can be modified in a number of different ways.

The “Slump God” dance is also popular on TikTok. It requires the performer to hold certain movements for extra counts. This dance also requires the performer to pick up the song’s syncopation. This dance is a master class in timing.

The “Attention” dance was also a popular dance on TikTok. It was choreographed by professional dancers and features impressive athletic feats. This dance was inspired by Todrick Hall’s song. This dance has been used by celebrities including Kylie Jenner.

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