Do Cowboys Starch Their Jeans?

Do Cowboys Starch Their Jeans? Oh yeah, they do. Considering the fact that when you buy a pair of jeans, it takes time (probably after several washings) to be light.

And after every wash, your jeans go tight until you wear them and stretch a little or walk around for a while.

Now, one would ask, why do cowboys starch their jeans? This is particularly because It brings out a peculiarity of fashion.

Nobody really cares about how stiff a pair of jeans can be, I mean it’s already thick enough right? So why starch it? But the cowboys do.

They care about every bit of their outfit, from their hat to their booths. It’s just a style. It’s art. It’s a sense of fashion. It’s unique. It’s just the dark art for cowboys. You can’t take that from them.

Reasons why cowboys starch their pair of jeans and dress the way they do


There are a lot of reasons why we do some things and dress the way we do. An outfit can represent a movement, a protest, a culture, a belief, a religion, a vocation, a personality, struggles, e.t.c.

An outfit could even represent an emotion, activity or celebration. For instance, wearing a white and red outfit on the 14th of February signifies the celebration of love.

Draping in a completely black outfit would tell whoever sees you that you are probably grieving the loss of someone dear to you or you were just attending a burial ceremony.

Do you care to know some more other reasons why cowboys starch their pair of denim jeans and dress the way they do? And also how it can benefit you if you starch your pair of jeans trousers too? Take a chill pill and scroll down your phone’s screen with me cos I got your back on that.


If you travel out of your country abroad, on a masked face and without uttering a word at the airport on arrival, the only way to identify you would be your visa or country’s ID card right? But just think of it that you were to be identified by your outfit? I bet a lot of us would just have to uncover our faces, reveal our ascent or present any form of ID on us.

It is not a showoff that cowboys starch their pair of jeans and dress the way they do but to show who they are. To save you the stress of trying to figure out who a  person is merely just by looking at them. Isn’t that really cool? They may not be easy to notice but quick to identify wherever a cowboy goes.

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Certain things are just associated with certain people. Every ethnicity in the world has something that others don’t. It could be food, accent, some particular crafts, textile design, dance, marriage, cultural or traditional rites, religion, e.t.c.

For example, if you hear “He is a Shaolin soccer player” the first thing that would come to your mind is that he’s Chinese. Or maybe you see a man dressed in a poncho in the United States, You may think he’s a Mexican almost immediately(if you are familiar with their native attire).

For a cowboy, it’s his outfit. There’s no one that would starch their jeans without the knowledge or fashion reference to cowboy culture.

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How do you identify a cowboy when you see one? Some things are just not hideable. Their outstanding outfits sell them out. If you went to a white party in a black outfit, you’ll stand out,won’t you?.

A cowboy stands out every moment he’s dressed, no matter the occasion. From his hat (to prevent sunlight), to his shirt (starched), his pair of heavily starched and neatly ironed denim jeans, down to his iconic boots. No man would ordinarily starch his pair of denim jeans, and crease it with ironing.

Whoever does that is either a cowboy, supports the cowboy culture, does it for fashion, or wants to be a cowboy. Beat it, man.

Maintaining Fashion

Fashion is a consistently divergent motion considered for slight instead of practical, logical or intellectual reasons. So the cowboy outfit represents the style or manner in which fashion can vary. It represents beyond that, a lifestyle. As long as the cowboy dresses like a cowboy, the cowboy outfit remains a trend in the fashion industry.

They represent a line of fashion. They diversify the looks of a regular pair of denim jeans by selling out the idea of heavily starching and ironing it.

Therefore, giving it a new appearance. Isn’t that what fashion is all about? Fashion is redefining and so is the cowboy outfit(with particular reference to his pair of starched jeans). The fashion sense of a cowboy does not permit the wearing of slim fit pairs of jeans trousers.

Dust Repellent

Another reason why cowboys and girls starch and iron their pair of jeans is that the starch curls into the fibre and creates a seal that dirt just slides off on contact.

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This keeps your pair of jeans neat if you stay away from getting wet. What if you want to ride kilometres through the dusty countryside in the great plains of the west?

The starch prevents your pair of jeans from easily absorbing dirt from the ride. Thereby, saving you the stress of washing your jeans often which can result in fading and is liable to last for only just a short period of time.


Starching does not just make a pair of jeans stiff, but also seals it off from damaging effects, coupled with ironing. This combination can prevent any form or piece of fabric from sustaining damage threats. So, the preservation of jeans material is a reason to starch it too.


The rodeo life is the ideal lifestyle of a cowboy or cowgirl. You don’t want your baggy trousers flapping around whenever you are riding a horse(it is not in the style of a cowboy to wear a slim fit pair of trousers). You gotta make it stiff enough, no one would even notice you coming(while on foot though).


What brand of jeans do cowboys wear?

It’s Denim jeans. Denim pair of jeans is the brand for cowboys outfits and style due to its durability. Denim like Wrangler Men’s George Strait Cowboy Cut.

Why do you starch jeans?

Starch is commonly found in tubers, fruits and vegetables. It is classified as a carbohydrate made from plants as a way of storing energy. The use of starch on jeans increases the size, makes it stiff, minimises limpness and maintains crispy creases.

Why do cowboys iron their jeans?

To make it look smooth and the starch effect more pronounced. Starch makes your jeans stiff so that if you prefer a crease on them, you just iron them as you may desire.

Should you starch jeans?

If you prefer your denim jeans unwrinkled, then it is ideal you starch them with heavy starch cos it makes them last longer and smooth. Wanna starch your jeans? Use the Oxford & Wells Premium Ironing Spray Starch.

Are starched jeans comfortable?

For a cowboy, it would be Yes but for others, it will surely be a No. The stiffness constrains your movement and causes uneasiness at first but you’ll get used to it.

You don’t have to think so much about it. A pair of starched jeans will not hurt you if you wore or tried wearing them. But it might be a little itchy for the first time

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How do you starch jeans like a cowboy?

To start with, purchase a liquid starch, hang or spread your pair of jeans on a deck or table, spray the starch on it until your pair of jeans is wet and let it dry off until it’s stuffy enough to stand on its own without support, place it on your Ironing board and iron, creating your preferred crease.

What is the best starch for jeans?

There is no particular reference to any starch products that are best to use in starching your pair of denim jeans as you can also have and use homemade starch. Just make sure they are heavy, scentless and from a renowned brand if you are visiting a shop. You can check out Niagra spray starch.

Do Cowboys Starch Their Jeans – Conclusion

Cowboys starch their pair of denim jeans so as to maintain a long-lasting crease, express uniqueness, stand out in their particular personality, represent a culture and keep the originality of their fashion sense in the limelight. Starching is also a way or method of preserving your pair of jeans or articles of clothing.

It seals off the open weaves on any fabric, preventing dirt from penetrating easily as well as creating a sturdy network to hold fabrics from tearing off easily. It will take an average of two strong hands to open up a starched pair of jeans.

If you’d love to heavy starch and crease iron your pair of jeans, remember you are repping the cowboy culture, so make sure you love it. If you want to be a cowboy, then you’ve just known more about your future self. Either way, Have a great day!

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