Can You Wear Chinos At The Ritz?

A lot of people do believe that the dress code policy put in place at the Ritz stands at just a mere formality. For others, they feel celebrities and other notable personalities are well above it. In other words, they apply to only regular people.

What can we say to that?

Well, first and foremost, the dress code policy at the Ritz is actually strictly enforced and for everyone too. However, the only difference is that they are enforced in some particular areas of the hotel. 

So yeah, you’re likely to see a bunch of guys wearing shorts and some crocs walking in and out of the hotel but, it’s a different ball game when you go into the bar or restaurant.

Now, to the question above; you definitely can wear chinos to the Ritz but, you might want to pair them better say, throw on a jacket over them when you are going to the restaurant.

Why are chinos trousers allowed at the Ritz and not jean trousers?


Jean trousers can be worn but, they’re limited to a specific area of the Ritz. Also, the style of the jeans would determine if you will get bounced or not. Show up in some ripped jeans and your guess is as good as mine.

The reason why the chinos trouser is allowed is really not hard to see. Let us carefully have this exquisite pant analyzed.

When it comes to men’s trousers, there are a lot of them made in different styles and designs too.  It would be safe to say, that of all the many styles of men’s pants, the chinos stands out and shines the brightest.

You have not noticed? You just have to check out the unique features of chinos pants and you will be in agreement with me in no time.

For starters, let us look at the versatility the chinos trouser offers. These trousers are highly versatile and can be worn for different functions. You can wear them as casual outfits, semi-formal and even formal too.

Whatever the occasion is, as long as your pairing game is solid, you are bound to stand out in chinos trousers.

That being said, we move to the fit; unlike some other styles of men’s pants that are baggy and saggy, the fit of a chinos pant is just heavenly. When we talk of male pant trousers that are well-tailored and look fit without having to be so tight or highlight the body shape, the chinos trouser is sure to top that list.

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The straight cut of the pant trousers gives an illusion of a long and sleek body. This is exactly why it is most preferred for men that are not so tall. If you are already tall, the trouser helps to further amplify your qualities.

All that is required is to get the right size of chinos trousers that is tailored to suit your body frame.  For instance, if you have big thighs and a thick waist, it would be best to get a pair that has provision for ample mass at the waist and thigh area.

On the other hand, the chinos trousers produced to be slim fit should be the go-to choice for tall and slender males. As long as you get the right fit for your body frame, you are sure to look dapper in them.

We look at the exquisiteness of the chinos trouser and this time, the yardstick we are using is the material. You will find authentic chinos trousers produced with a cotton twill material.

Now, the outstanding characteristics of this material are that it stretches, is super light, and is highly breathable. When we talk about a male pant that spells comfort, we think of the chinos trouser first.

What does the dress code at the Ritz state?

The Ritz forbids trainers or any form of sportswear worn in any of the public areas within it. You can put on jeans and even while going to the dining room for breakfast too but, when it comes to lunch or dinner, you will have to make them look more formal or should I say; semi-formal by pairing them up with a jacket and this law goes for both male and female.

Are jeans allowed at the Ritz?

Well, let us look at it this way; jeans are not allowed in several places within the Ritz like the restaurant lunch or dinner service, the gallery arena, the Rivoli bar, the secret garden bar, etc.

Prior to this new relaxed law concerning jeans, it had stayed totally forbidden, not to be worn anywhere around the Ritz. More than a century after, the law was somewhat relaxed, and neat and smart jeans finally became acceptable for breakfast at the dining. So, make of this what you will.

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What other kinds of outfits are not permitted at the Ritz?

The Ritz is a luxury hotel with a clear-spelled-out and effective dress code policy in place. It has its dress code set as smart casual and as such, prohibits outfits like shorts, sportswear, and trainers.

You would be politely walked out if you ever turn up in any of its public places wearing any of these, no matter how neat you might appear in them.

To be double sure, you can always walk up to any of the attendants to inquire about the dress code and familiarize yourself with it.

What exactly is a smart casual dress code?

A smart casual is a blend of well-tailored and fitting business wears with a casual touch attached.

Examples include; Chinos trousers, classy blouses, dark jeans, buttoned shirts (short or long-sleeved), jumpsuits, and polo shirts.

What can ladies wear to afternoon tea at the Ritz?

A safe look would be putting on a classy short gown. It could be flowery, plain, or patterned, does not really matter.  Just have it paired with a bag that matches and a nice pair of either flat or medium heeled sandals. Alternatively, you can also wear a nice pair of pants with a smart-looking top.

Can you wear boots to the ritz?

Boots can be worn to the ritz as long as they are clean and smart-looking. For example, you should look okay in some well-polished leather boots as opposed to showing up looking gangster in a timberland boot.

Can I take a dog to the Ritz?

Absolutely not. The Ritz is a fancy restaurant and dogs can not be allowed into it for obvious reasons. The only dogs likely to be found there are specially trained guard dogs working closely with the security and are at the same time, kept out of sight until there is an emergency therefore, are not likely to cause a nuisance.

Are children welcome to dine at the Ritz?

The Ritz is absolutely open to adults and children alike. As a matter of fact, they have a special children’s menu where you will find finger-licking delicacies sure to be loved by the kids. You will find this menu available at the Palm Court, the Ritz Club, or the main Ritz restaurant.

In order words, the Ritz is open to family dining where parents can come in with their children and spend quality time bonding over a delicious and sumptuous meal. 

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One thing you must know though is that the children have to be dressed according to the set dress codes too when going to the Ritz to dine.


How to book afternoon tea at the Ritz

Bookings or reservations can be made conveniently online. You just have to call their official numbers. You can however check on their website for the call lines if you do not have it.

At what hours do the Ritz Restaurants open to customers?

At the Ritz, the restaurant is open for breakfast every day of the week. It does not matter the day of the week; the restaurant is open for dining even on bank holidays.  On Mondays – Saturdays, the restaurant is open from 8: 00 am to 10: 30am. The same time applies to Sundays and bank holidays too.

For lunch, you can catch the restaurant open from 12:30 pm – 2:00 pm while dinner time is set as 7: 00 pm – 10: 00 pm on Mondays to Thursdays and Sundays inclusive.

However, dinner on Fridays and Saturdays themed ‘Live at The Ritz’ Dinner Dance is open from 7: 00 pm to 10: 00 pm.

Can You Wear Chinos At The Ritz – Conclusion 

The Ritz is a classy and luxury restaurant that places emphasis on the outlook of its customers. A lot of people think of the dress code policy as ambiguous and complicated but, it really isn’t and, a quick read or explanation from any of their attendants would prove it to you

Their major priority is for customers to look neat and clean and the dress code is there to enforce it. This will make sure people dining peacefully enjoy their food in the midst of neat-looking people.

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