Are Jeans Uncomfortable For Guys? 

Everyone loves good old jeans! Or do they? Well, some people (especially men) are actually skeptical about them. Unbelievable, right? I have found that for those who have never had any serious problem with denim and consider it their go-to fashion choice, it’s unthinkable that anyone else should find them uncomfortable.

It’s a fine example of one man’s meat being another man’s poison. In fact, an unexpected number of people have complaints about comfort when it comes to jeans. Some have even given up completely, claiming that wearing jeans is equal to losing your comfort. 

In light of all these opinions, it becomes necessary to ask, “Are jeans truly uncomfortable, especially for guys?” “Should it be so?” “What can be done to make sure it is not so?”All the above questions will be answered in this article but first, let me relieve you of your most pressing concern.

Jeans, by nature, are one of the most comfortable wears you will find. If they discomfort you, you may be doing something wrong. Therefore: Yes, some men fail to find comfort while wearing a pair of denim pants. No, jeans should not take away your comfort, they should add to it!

What then is it that the uncomfortable guys are getting wrong? Below is a list of things that can cause you to feel uncomfortable while rocking jeans.

  1. They are the wrong fit for you. Believe it or not, you cannot just choose your jeans based on taste or preference in appearance. Not all types of jeans are meant for you.
  2. They are the wrong size. If they’re too tight, you may find them constricting. If they’re too loose, you could feel like you’re carrying extra baggage. 
  3. You are wearing them without underwear. The tags and seam lines on the inside of the jeans are all up in your business, digging and chafing. That is sure to put anyone on edge.
  4. You are wearing them with the wrong underwear. Too tight, too thick or not breathable are underwear attributes that affect your experience with jeans negatively.
  5. It is adulterated denim or an imitation. It may look like jeans, feel like jeans but not be jeans. Then again, there are those that are not purely denim material. 
  6. You’re wearing them without washing out the chemicals first. Jeans are laden with chemicals added for one purpose or the other and the skin reacts to some of them.
  7. They are due for a change! Indeed, good jeans are made to last but they are not vampires. Wear and tear can render them discomforting over the years.
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How To Get Comfortable In Jeans


There are ways to be sure that your jeans are comfortable for you. Let’s explore some of them.

Have them specifically made for you

This solves all fitness and size issues. If you’re wondering how possible this is, there are actually denim companies that makes it possible for you to send in your measurements and they tailor your desired jeans exactly to your body requirements. MakeYourOwnJeans is one of such.

Spend time to find jeans that fit just right

If for some reason you’re not able to order your jeans made to your body requirements, you need to devote the necessary time and effort to try on a lot of them in search of the best fit.

Together with quality, fitness is the most important factor in ensuring you have a comfortable experience in wearing jeans. This is because while other factors can be altered, these two are mostly fixed.

Aim for the best quality

Except when a blend of materials is necessary to achieve a unique purpose like stretchy jeans, go for jeans that are purely made of denim.

You will find out that they are more expensive and you will have to search more deliberately. However, they are worth it for their comfort and durability. 

Get your underwear right

Choose clean, dry, loose, and airy underwear. They’ll help prevent excessive sweating and itching. 

Always wash denim before first wear

You don’t want to expose yourself and your skin to some of the dangerous elements involved in making, storing and packaging jeans.

You may also notice the smell that follows newly bought jeans. Besides, that first wash is critical in loosening up the material, thereby getting them to be even comfier.

Change tired jeans

If the jeans are tired, they can get you tired. That line came out cheesy, didn’t it? Well, my point is that when jeans have exceeded their life span, they tend to stress you more. So, change them.

Should Guys Wear Tight Jeans?

No, tight jeans can put you in trouble with your health. We already discussed the fitness of jeans and how crucial it is to have the right size.

A survey by TENA Men revealed that bladder problems, UTIs, and damages to the testicles have been linked to the wearing of tight jeans. 

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In addition, the tighter any fabric is on the skin, the less it allows the skin to breathe. This creates problems from sweating to itching, smelling, rashes and fungal infection. 

Apart from the health implications, denim pants that are extremely tight are not considered to be attractive on men. It presses out every outline of what lies within, whether it is the items stored in the pockets or more private details. 

Based on all the above, it goes without saying that although you have the freedom to choose to wear tight jeans, they could seriously hurt you and many women would curl up their lips in disgust at the show.

Best Kind Of Jeans For Men 

There are basically five kinds of jeans that are manufactured to fit different types of men’s body. They are loose jeans, relaxed jeans, regular jeans, slim jeans and skinny jeans.

There is no single type that fits all men. By the time you are through with this section, you will have a good idea as to which of the different kinds is best for you.

Loose Jeans

This type is the most spacious of them all. It is loose from the hips all the way down to where it opens up at the leg. An easy way to identify loose jeans is that they have a uniform cut, without getting tapered at any point.

They would look great on you if your waist is large in comparison to other parts of your body or if your hips are broad. However, it is best to avoid loose jeans if you have an athletic or slender body.

Relaxed Jeans

They are much like the previously mentioned loose jeans. They are loose all the way down but the distinction begins from the knees where they start to taper.

This lends the denim more style, while still retaining every bit of the comfort they are made for. Relaxed jeans are perfect for many different kinds of body. The only people I would advise against relaxed jeans are slender and lanky men.

Regular Jeans

These are pretty much as the name implies, the usual that you would find sitting on many waists. They are almost totally straight, with an inward curve from the hips to the thighs.

After the thighs, however, the cut continues at the same width, past the knees and all the way till it opens out in a sizable leg space.

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Like the previous type I mentioned, it is more versatile than the rest. I mean, all except men whose waists are prominent, can rock regular jeans. 

Slim Jeans

These ones are melded comfortably to the wearer’s thighs and hips, without being too tight. However, it maintains the same space in the cut from knee to leg opening.

This makes it a wonderful choice for guys who would prefer not to put skinny legs on display. Obviously, it’ll look perfect on both slender and athletic men.

Skinny Jeans

Skinny jeans are skinny all the way. They hug the skin closely at every point with no respite. They are more or less just a fashion statement and nothing else. Needless to say, they tend to be uncomfortable and restrictive. You should avoid them if you can help it 

How Should Jeans Fit?

As long as you have been able to decide the kind of denim pants that should look good with your physique, you have made the most crucial decision involved in picking comfortable jeans. For size, look for your own exact size in all but slim and skinny jeans. For those two, you may do better by going a size up.

Are Jeans Uncomfortable For Guys – Conclusion

Denim, by nature, is made for comfort. However, some men find jeans discomforting due to several factors which I have explained in details, in this article.

It also addresses the questions of whether men should wear tight jeans, how jeans should fit, and a breakdown of different kinds of men’s jeans. All these are just to help you choose wisely and start out well on the journey of comfort in jeans.

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